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Do not browse the page any further until you are committed to 

doing RESEARCH before bringing your rabbit home.

I have some awful stories about people who have brought rabbits home who did not know how to care for them that either got sick, injured, or died. 

Rabbits can be injured easily if mishandled and are more fragile than other animals.

Exotic vets for rabbits can be expensive, so the BEST preventative care is to know what to expect and what to do if something happens.

Rabbits are sensitive and need specialized care from a specialized exotic vet. 

That is not fair to your pet if you cannot afford to take it to the vet.

If you have never owned a rabbit before, you MUST be willing to do the necessary research to care for one. They are not as easy as cats, dogs, gerbils or rats. They are in their own category and need special care and maintenance.

I have done extensive research and provided AS MUCH INFORMATION POSSIBLE that I believe is necessary to become a successful rabbit owner. 

If you need a question answered and the information is not on my Rabbication page, I’m here for you and will do my best to find an answer.

I will not replace your rabbit if it gets sick, injured or dies. It’s up to you to research and understand how to care for your rabbit.

Please start at the Rabbication page link following this paragraph. 

Click the button “watch this video before purchasing a rabbit” to get the basics of what it is like to have and care for a rabbit. 

View Rabbit Basics Video under “Know What You are Getting Into!”


Aspen (BEW)

Stormy (Blue)

Aspen and Stormy's Litter 

Pedigreed Holland Lops

Litter born in 2 weeks! Stay tuned!

Parents' names go here

Pedigreed Holland Lops

picture of litter goes here

Aspen (BEW)

Bella (Blue)


Breeding Dates

Aspen and Stormy Jan 5, 2020

Aspen and Milkshake Feb 26, 2020

Blue and Molly Mar 9, 2020

Aspen and Sahara Mar 15, 2020

Hershey and Luna Mar 28, 2020

Blue and Stormy Mar 29, 2020

Aspen and Milkshake  Apr 14, 2020

Sloan and Ashley Apr 28, 2020

Hershey and Luna May 25, 2020 

Sloan and Sahara May 30, 2020

Blue and Milkshake June 3, 2020

Aspen and Molly June 4, 2020

Blue and Stormy June 4, 2020

Sloan and Ashley June 20, 2020

Sloan and Luna July 25, 2020

Aspen and Stormy August 8, 2020

Aspen/Ashley September 11, 2020

Aspen and Molly September 19, 2020

Aspen & Milkshake October 16, 2020

Aspen and Sahara October 17, 2020

Aspen & Stormy November 14, 2020

Aspen and Bella November 18, 2020 

Birth Dates

Aspen/Stormy Feb 4, 2020

Aspen/Milkshake March 28, 2020

Blue/Molly April 9, 2020

Aspen/Sahara April 15, 2020

Hershey/Luna April 28, 2020

Blue/Stormy April 29, 2020

Aspen/Milkshake May 15, 2020

Sloan/Ashley May 29, 2020

Hershey/Luna June 25, 2020 

Sloan/Sahara June 30, 2020

Blue/Milkshake July 3, 2020

Aspen/Molly July 4, 2020

Blue/Stormy July 4, 2020

Sloan/Ashley July 21, 2020

Sloan/Luna August 25, 2020

Aspen/Stormy September 8, 2020

Aspen/Ashley October 12, 2020

Aspen/Molly October 21, 2020

Aspen/Milkshake November 16, 2020

Aspen/Sahara November 17, 2020

Aspen/Stormy December 15, 2020

Aspen/Bella December 19, 2020

Ready Dates

Aspen/Stormy March 31, 2020 (NLA)

Aspen/Milkshake May 23, 2020 (NLA)

Blue/Molly June 4, 2020 (NLA)

Aspen/Sahara June 9, 2020 (NLA)

Hershey/Luna June 23, 2020 (NLA)

Blue/Stormy June 24, 2020 (NLA)

Aspen/Milkshake July 10, 2020 (NLA)

Sloan/Ashley July 24, 2020 (NLA)

Hershey/Luna August 20, 2020 (NLA)

Sloan/Sahara August 25, 2020 (NLA)

Blue/Milkshake Aug 28, 2020 (NLA)

Aspen/Molly August 29, 2020 (NLA)

Blue/Stormy Aug 29, 2020 (NLA) 

Sloan/Ashley Sept 15, 2020 (NLA)

Sloan/Luna October 20, 2020 (NLA)

Aspen/Stormy November 3, 2020 (NLA)

Aspen/Ashley Dec 7, 2020 (NLA)

Aspen/Molly Dec 15, 2020 (NLA)

Aspen/Milkshake Jan 9, 2021 (NLA)

Aspen/Sahara January 12, 2021 (NLA)

Aspen/Stormy February 9, 2021

Aspen/Bella February 13, 2021


Broken (black) Tort-Brown and White

Broken Black-Black and White

Broken Blue Tort-Grey and White

Broken Blue-Charcoal Grey and White

Broken Orange-Light Reddish Brown and White

Broken Harlequin/Tricolor-Orange & black patches speckled w/ white

Broken Cream-Light tan and White

Blue Tort-Greyish Tan/Taupe w/ darker shading on sides

Blue-Charcoal Grey


Cream-Light Tan

(Black)Tort-Dark Brown to Reddish Brown w/ Grey sides

Harlequin-Orange w/grey stripes or speckles

Magpie-White w/grey stripes or speckles

Blue Fawn Harlequin-Tan with grey stripes or speckles

Chinchilla-Salt & Pepper

Frosty-Light Grey 

Sable Frosty-Light Grey w/ medium to dark grey points

Seal-Rich sepia (almost black) saddle, shading to a slightly paler flank, chest and belly (shaded group). 

Opal Vs. Blue Otter Controversy-click below

Opal Vs. Blue Otter

Click to see more color descriptions and pictures