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Customer Reviews

Kismet! Yin & Yang. * Perfect Harmony * 

​ The Missing Member of Our Family * 

Love Fulfilled!

“We have adopted many an animal before, and in fact, we’ve adopted 3 children! But NEVER have we experienced a ‘den mother’ with the capacity of love, the vast knowledge, the incredible patience, and the willingness to then part with babies that she has clearly so deeply bonded with! Rona is truly one-in-a-million! She is by far, the biggest resource anywhere within central to eastern Carolina. She even has pages set up to be resources for families.

Rona took the time to find out exactly what our preferences were so that she could provide them in one package. She seeks to find the perfect homes for the babies. And look, we all fear that because we can’t be there during their first few weeks of life, that we will somehow miss out. That is not the case when you choose Rona Gooden. Every few days, we received pictures and videos of our baby. It allowed us to be a part of their growth and development. It allowed us to fall deeply in love with our baby, before we knew him.

Rona listened to our words and our hearts. She knew instinctively what would make us all happy and made that happen. We cried tears of absolute joy at our first meeting. We could not wait for the 2.5 hour car ride to end, to show our baby his new home. When Twix flopped 20 minutes into the ride, we knew we were going to be fine. I would’ve made that drive 10 times for this healthy, perfect, little happy baby.

We are so very impressed and could not more highly recommend 

Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC’s Fayetteville Rabbitry.

(We’ve not been paid nor received any promotion for this recommendation).”

Thank You, 

The Terwilligers.

GFHNC Bunny Owners

Patient and Kind!

Hi Rona!

"Just want you to know our bunny “Smokee” is adjusting well to his new environment. He is very sweet, playful and is warming to the girls constant petting. They can’t wait for him to let them hold him. We are taking one day at a time. Right now he’s teasing them. He comes right up to them, eats all the snacks (veggies) then hops off. Thank you for your patience and kindness. You have beautiful rabbits. My girls, although timid, really enjoyed seeing all the new babies. I appreciate you and your husband being available to answer my questions."

Monk Family

Monk Family

GFHNC Bunny Owner

Very Helpful!

"Thank you so much for your help with our new bunny. Your friendliness and professionalism were outstanding. You answered all our questions and let us spend time picking out our new bunny. My daughter is very excited and we definitely would recommend you to anyone who wants a bunny. Thanks for continuing to help when we have questions even weeks after we got him. I would definitely buy from you again. Thanks again-Angie and Jessica Evans"

Angie and Jessica Evans

GFHNC Bunny Owner

The Sweetest!

"Hi Rona! He’s doing really good! Pees in his litterbox, binkies all over the carpet, gets along great with Lola and our golden - I just love him! Seriously one of the sweetest buns I’ve ever had - and I’ve had my fair share over the years! 💚💚💚 ~Nicole K." 

Nicole and Lola


Meant to be!

"We lost our Holland Lop, C.B and our girls were devastated. He was a huge part of our family.

My oldest daughters birthday is right after Christmas and so I began the hunt for the perfect bunny. I knew we wanted a Holland Lop and I didn’t care if it was a baby or older. All bunnies deserve love no matter the age. I searched for days and made a post on a FB page for Holland Lops. I got a reply from Gooden Fluffy Holland Lops Fayetteville Rabbitry saying they have some rabbits. Specifically a fellow named Cocoa. They sent me a video and I fell in love. When I tell you that higher powers wanted this bunny to be with us, it is the truth! Rona and I messaged for hours trying to figure out how to get Mr. Cocoa to us in the easiest way before my daughters birthday on January 5th 2020. Everything leading to a dead end I was heart broken. The soonest we could get a transport was February. Well higher powers spoke boldly and gave us a gift of transport the next day by a family member of theirs. Rona and I started messaging on 12/28/19 and we received our Cocoa on 12/29/19. We are over the moon with our 1 1/2 year old five pound buck! He is perfect in every way. You can tell he was loved by Rona and her family. He is very chill and so sweet. He ate some spinach as soon as he got here and drank some water. Then he was ready to meet everyone. He hopped around excitedly as he met his human mother (my oldest) and our 3 year old. He nuzzled his new big sister our German Shepherd. After all the excitement his new mommy took him into her room to hang out while I cooked dinner. I could hear the belly laughs as she said he is on top of me giving me kisses (licks). These are some of the same traits our C.B had and that speaks volumes for the rabbitry. C.B was extremely loved and spoiled. When a bunny is shown real love by the breeder then they show the love back to the new owner. If we decide to get another bunny (which is a huge probability) we will contact Gooden Fluffy Holland Lops Fayetteville Rabbitry. You will be happy with any bunny you receive from them and I highly recommend them. Not to mention Rona always answers in a timely manner and will answer any question you ask honestly about the bunnies she has."

Kate LD

GFHNC Bunny Owner

“We live over 3 hours away and I would make the drive again...”

“Purchasing our new family member through Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC could not have been a better experience from the first initial phone call till we picked up our bunny. It was nothing but amazing! First the website is great; easy to use and full of information that gets you prepared if you are a first time bunny owner as I am. The website shows pictures and even provides links for everything you will need to care for your new fluffy friend. The owner is amazing as well. She is a fountain of information and more than willing to share what she knows with you and help in any way she can, and you can tell she truly cares for her "buns" and really loves what she does. When you pick up your bunny you even get a bunny goodie bag that's full of everything it would be use to, to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Our bunny was a Christmas gift for my daughter and she even went as far as to make a Christmas scene with the bunny and take pics so I could put them under the tree, since the bunny wasn't old enough to pick up until after Christmas. She goes above and beyond what is expected to say the least! We live over 3 hours away and I would make the drive again, without a shadow of a doubt, when I decide to get our bunny a friend! All in all I would highly recommend Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC 

to anyone that is thinking about adding a Holland lop to their family!!!”

GFHNC Bunny Owner

“I cannot express enough the value of information contained on their site as well as linked videos…”

Gooden Fluffly Hollands NC truly made our 2020 Christmas!

Tldr; A+++ Highly Recommend

“My daughter has longed for a snuggly bunny ever since first laying eyes on a holland lop - and at the age of 9yrs, waiting months that can feel like ages!

I had done a bit of frustrated local searching for a bunny with various companies popping up and misleading promises and slow delivery dates - until I found 

Rona and Rod’s page.

It’s immediately seen that they have spent an incredible amount of time, research and personal effort ensuring their pages are packed with educational information in addition to the cute pictures and snuggly descriptions. I cannot express enough the value of information contained on their site as well as linked videos…

Upon first contact with Rona, any concerns we had were quickly replaced with trust and grand excitement - she was quick to respond, had pictures, was friendly and most importantly - she had a bunny and he would be ready for pickup before Christmas!

Too good to be true - or destiny?

With too many obstacles blocking our way of this purchase to list, we were still cautious…and yet, each and every one of them seemed to fix themselves and point the way for this gift to be real - it became a reality as we excitedly picked up Sir S’mores A-lot last night! A mere week after finding Rona’s site!

The Thomas family are extremely thankful and grateful for our paths crossing with Gooden Fluffy (Rona/Rod) and hope others will be blessed with finding them when looking for a new family furry friend!”



GFHNC Bunny Owner

“...she was extremely accommodating to our group...

Mia's Review (Mochi, Blue Bunny)

“My experience with Mrs. Gooden and the bunnies was absolutely amazing. Everything from meeting the baby buns and seeing how they live, to meeting the parents, and even the interaction with baby buns was amazing. I was so excited to be there and she matched my excitement and was so gracious. I came with a couple other teammates and she was extremely accommodating to our group. The bunnies are so loved and raised in such a great place. And Mochi wakes me up everyday with kisses and snuggles :))!! Thank you Mrs. Gooden for everything and being so understanding and patient with all my questions! Mochi is so sweet!!”

Mackenzie's Review (Kimchi, Tan Bunny)

“My experience with Mrs. Gooden and the bunnies was amazing! My roommate wanted a bunny and I told her I would go with her. So initially I didn’t plan on getting one, but when I got there I couldn’t help myself. Mrs. Gooden was so kind and gave us all the information we needed to raise them! The bunnies were also partially litter trained when we got them so that made the transition so much easier. Kimchi lives happily free roaming the first floor of my house along with his friend Mochi, my roommate's bunny. They love snuggling and binkying around together. Thank you so much Mrs. Gooden for being so friendly and helpful! We love them so much!

Thank you so much again!!!”

Mackenzie, Mia, Mochi, & Kimchi (:

P.S. We check your website everyday for new litters and babies. Don't be surprised if we show up again for more lol!


“Rona went above and beyond to help us find a friend.”

Thank you so much to Gooden Fluffy Holland Lops NC. We were searching for a friend for our junior bunny and Rona went above and beyond to help us find a friend. I am grateful for her approach. She offered guidance and even parted with one of her own bunnies to complete our family. Every step of the way she was caring and knowledgeable!!! Our newest family member is super sweet and beyond cute!!!! Thank you for completing our family. We traveled almost 2 hours to meet this sweet bun and I recommend others to not let distance keep you from this sweet breeder! 

We will always have a bunny, and will go back everytime we add a new member. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your sweet Sprinkles is settling in well! 

GFHNC Bunny Owners

“I felt very comfortable and like this person is very trustworthy…”

This rabbit lady is phenomenal! She provided pictures of my baby whenever I asked for them. When she understood that I never had rabbits before, she assured me that she was available to me for the lifetime of my rabbit for any questions that might come up, even years later. She provided me with her super website that was loaded with information so I could learn more before I picked up my bunny. She said if anything goes wrong to ask her as she might be able to save me lots of money and a vet visit. I felt very comfortable and like this person is very trustworthy. Some of the other rabbitries I looked into had so many rules as if they were not trying to sell rabbits at all. Some said it was up to me to research and would not answer any of my questions, even when I stated that there is lots of conflicting information out there. Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC is legit and they are very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a rabbit as your new family member.

GFHNC Bunny Owners

“Rona and Roderick encouraged us to sit with each litter and find the bunny that came to us.”

My husband and I came to Gooden Fluffy Rabbitry to find a bunny to bring home after searching far and wide for breeders in the area. First, Rona was incredibly responsive when we texted on a Friday evening, which is more than I can say about any other rabbit breeder within 100 miles. We had done a ton of research over the last couple of years and had settled on a Holland Lop due to their temperament and relatively easy care (for a rabbit!). We scheduled to come out the next day, and arrived to an assortment of happy bunnies bouncing and lounging outside, and Rona and Roderick encouraged us to sit with each litter and find the bunny that came to us. Of course, Persephone, the only remaining fluffy, was the last one we visited, and was immediately in my lap and full of curiosity. Rona answered all of my questions and Roderick gave us a comb to use to try grooming her, since she was going to need thorough brushing daily. Persephone had obviously been handled and was used to daily touch, and we fell in love immediately.

Now that she’s been with us a couple of weeks, her personality is already starting to show. She gets so excited when we open the door to her hutch for playtime, and happily zooms around her play area and our feet. She’s already asking for daily cuddles, and has proven quite the decorator, tossing anything that we put in her space. She’s even started to get used to our very curious, 80 pound pup, and we think they will get along well (under supervision, of course).

We couldn’t be happier with Persephone, and our choice to get our new furry family member from Gooden Fluffy. The fact that Rona is more than willing to continue to answer our questions, and Persephone’s outgoing personality, speaks to how much these folks love their rabbits. Thank you both for making Persephone a happy member of our home!

GFHNC Bunny Owners

“They Were so Communicative...”

“We had such a great experience purchasing our new bunny with these breeders! They were so communicative, sent us pictures and kept us updated the entire time. You can tell they take excellent care of their bunnies and get plenty of loving attention. If we were ever to purchase another bunny it would definitely be from here!”

GFHNC Bunny Owners

“They are always being held and cuddled!”

“My husband and I visited your facility and were very pleased with our visit. We were greeted with a very friendly and outgoing couple. We were very pleased with the time spent in showing us around and answering any questions that we had. The rabbits were adorable and very friendly. They were also very comfortable with their accommodations. We chose two rabbits that day, but they will not be ready for another month. We are having a hard time waiting, but we have been receiving pictures of them almost daily. They are always being held and cuddled which makes us very happy, because we know it will make them very comfortable with our affection.”

~Susan and David~

GFHNC Bunny Owners

“I am absolutely in love with this place!!!”

Daisy May went to her new forever home 4/3/20!

“I am absolutely in love with this place!!! The owners have so much love for their bunnies—you can tell! I love how amazing they kept their bunnies, almost as if you were at a bunny zoo. I would love to spend my days just gazing at what they have created surrounded by bunnies! We love Daisy May and she is a perfect fit for our home! My daughter just loves her to pieces. She is so sweet, loving, and a little funny.”

GFHNC Bunny Owner

“A Christmas 🎄 present that filled our home with so much joy and magic this holiday 2022”

Our family had been looking for the perfect addition for several months now, and we ended up finding two ❤️. On this beautiful, cold Christmas Eve, Lollipop and Snow have enjoyed cuddling with our family, playing with our two morkies and exploring their new home. They are very affectionate and interactive with our children. We look forward to creating memories for years to come. Thank you Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC for these two precious Holland lop does!! You have made our family so happy this Christmas 🎄 ❤️.  

GFHNC Bunny Owners

“Rona and Rod have an incredible wealth of knowledge and passion about raising bunnies...” 

“Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC is AMAZING! A couple of weeks ago my whole family (my wife, 4 kids 11 and under and myself) went out to the Gooden’s to look at a bunny for one of my boys. We all had the best time. Rona and Rod provided the most incredible experience. Despite another family being there as well, Rona and Rod made sure that our visit was social distancing appropriate, safe and fun. Rod was a wealth of information that he shared with all of my kids, including my 4 year-old daughter, without talking down to them in any way. He treated them all like adults and they really appreciated that!


Rona and Rod have an incredible wealth of knowledge and passion about raising bunnies and are very generous in sharing both their passion and knowledge with people new to rabbit ownership. Rona has sent me pictures, videos and updates without being asked, to help my son make it through the wait until his bunny is ready to come to her forever home. 

I cannot recommend Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC more highly!”

John, Monica, Jake, Mitchell, Max,  Ella Kate

GFHNC Bunny Owners 

Updates with our new family members!

“Thankfully no matter the time of night she’s there to answer any questions I have.”

Lily the NZ

One of Lily’s babies

Quinn the Harlequin Holland Lop

“If I could give 20 ⭐️ to Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC I would!!!

They are so amazing!!!! They help walk you through it all... I’m a first time bunny mama. Without them I would be clueless!! Thankfully no matter the time of night she’s there to answer any questions I have.

I bought Quinn, my lop I’ve wanted for years!! But She convinced me to take in Ms. Lilly the New Zealand, a rescue she herself had taken in and was looking to rehome. I was nervous at first; wanted a younger one so we could bond better...boy was I wrong!! This rabbit only took 2 days to litter box train and loves giving mama kisses!! She follows me around the house all over. She’s truly made this her home ❤️. Couldn’t imagine it here without her now. She even came (unknowingly)with 6 little surprises ...Even though it was not known she was pregnant, Gooden Fluffy immediately offered to take them and raise to rehome... knowing that’s not really what we signed up for..BUT as you can see...they too have won our hearts!!!

The demeanor is 100% like their mother’s! It’s going to be very hard for me to try to rehome them without crying!!! Every question I had, Gooden Fluffy was there to help IMMEDIATELY!! She walked me through the entire process and was even there to help me process when I lost the tiny runt. But we both did everything in our power to help it survive!! Without Gooden Fluffy I would have been clueless and would have beaten myself up for nothing. I personally want to thank “Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC Fayetteville Rabbitry” for our newest family members!!! It is so wonderful around here right now!! So much love just hopping around every corner!!”

❤️ 🐇

GFHNC Bunny Owners

“I know that help is just a text away. I have texted Rona and she has responded to answer my questions in a timely manner.”

“I cannot say enough about how helpful Gooden Fluffy Hollands is! This is our first little bunny. We first took a tour with Rona. She loves her bunnies and they are very healthy. After the tour we picked out our bunny and waited 4 long weeks. Rona sent me updates on our new addition to our family. I could see how she was being socialized. The day came and we went to get our new bunny! She was so used to people and it was apparent that Rona had spent many hours with her. We have Trixie now and she is the sweetest bunny. I know that help is just a text away. I have texted Rona and she has responded to answer my questions in a timely manner. Trixie most of the time uses her potty, and is great with the grandchildren and my little dog. Thanks so much to Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC. We love our new bunny.”

Donna Brown and Family

GFHNC Bunny Owner 

Trixie 6 months old

“…anything you’re curious about you can just call and ask…”

“I really enjoyed the visit, and that she walked me through, and took time to tell me what’s best for the rabbit. She also gave me steps on how to transition the rabbit’s diet as well. Also, the site is really informational, and anything you’re curious about you can just call and ask. Overall a great service, and the bunny is adorable!”

GFHNC Bunny Owner

“...lots of pictures and updates...”

“Rona was very nice and sent lots of pictures and updates on our little bunny Ginger. She gave us transition food and provided us with all the information we needed. She took great care of our bunny. I highly recommend her if you want a bunny.”


GFHNC Bunny Owner 

Litter Box Trained!

"We are so happy that we found Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC! As first time rabbit owners, we did not know the first thing about caring for a rabbit. Rona walked us through the whole process and provided us with everything we needed to feel confident about bringing home our new little buck. We named him Cream and he is a wonderful little rabbit. It is evident that he has had lots of love and human contact. He is also litter box trained. He is a perfect little pet! My kids love to hold him, watch him when he gets the zoomies, and most of all watch him hop as high as he can! You cannot go wrong with Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC! 

It is a great rabbitry producing 

great little rabbits!" 

The Barriers

GFHNC Bunny Owners

Amazing Experience!


Special thanks to you and your husband for making our new bunny experience absolutely amazing! You helped us select the most perfect and sweetest addition to our family. Our baby girl CoCo is adjusting well and she is even potty trained. Thank you so much for always being available to answer questions and for sending pictures and videos. I am forever grateful for the personalized professional service you provided.

Jenkins Family 

So Sweet & Litter Trained!

“Thanks to Rona Gooden at Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC for my beautiful baby girl Sundae. She was litter trained upon adoption and is so sweet-mannered!”


“Penny loves cuddles, she gives kisses, and is not fearful whatsoever.”

“We adopted a beautiful harlequin Holland lop we affectionately named Penny, 

from Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC.

I am someone who researches thoroughly and knew that we wanted a sweet, healthy, socialized, potty trained, bun to add to our family. After seeing how much Rona cares for her bunnies, the time and obvious dedication, we chose to purchase our perfect bun from her (despite also living in Boone, NC). She was more than helpful as she not only narrowed down personalities but also the color we ideally wanted (though was not necessarily a priority). I think being able to get the perfect bun with the color you want speaks volumes on the type of bunnies Rona is producing with her program.

Penny loves cuddles, she gives kisses, and is not fearful whatsoever. She prefers sitting in our laps and will hop to her cage willingly when she is tuckered out. She is the cutest softest little girl, and even my husband is head over heels. My daughter lays on her back and she will sit on her chest for pets and hop off when she's done! She is absolutely perfect.”

GFHNC Bunny Owners

“…she made the decision making process a sheer delight…”

“Rona was an answer to prayer! We were not sure what kind of bunny would be best for our family until I met Rona. She was so knowledgeable and helpful that she made the decision making process a sheer delight. My family and I were blessed by her kindness as we visited her rabbitry. We learned a lot and left happy with our new bunny. Thank you Rona!”

GFHNC Bunny Owners

We had a great time visiting the bunnies today with intention to buy one and left with two! The owners were very patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend :)

GFHNC Bunny Owners