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Our original line begins with Sonic, a smutty orange buck, and Sahara, a broken black tort doe. We kept from their litters Milkshake, another broken black tort doe; Hershey, a black tort buck, who we're looking to rehome; and Blue, a blue tort buck.

Aspen and his sister, Luna, are both blue-eyed whites (BEWs). We do not have a BEW program yet, but we do produce them. They have a 5-generation pedigree. Their kits will be the 6th generation! We do not breed these two together. They will have pedigrees provided should you want one. However, their offspring should only be bred for interesting colors ONLY or for fun. Due to recessive genes in their background, it will mess up BEW lines in the future, as well as non-BEW lines due to recessives masking themselves and popping out unexpectedly. 

Third generation babies from Milkshake and Aspen, Ashley and Aspen, Blue and Luna, Blue and Ashley, and Blue or Hershey and Sahara will be fully pedigreed. 

Stormy is our pet quality blue gal. She has proved to be an asset in providing cute and affordable pets that are super sweet and docile like she is. Ashley was so gorgeous I had to keep her, a blue doe from Stormy and Blue's December 2019 litter. Ashley and Blue will have Stormy's grandkits, 3rd generation on her dad's side and 3rd generation on her mom's side, which will be fully pedigreed. Ash will be ready to breed May 29. 

Meet the

Gooden Fluffy 


Hershey was born to Sonic and Sahara February 8, 2018 in the same litter as Milkshake. He was so cute and spunky that we couldn't sell him, even though we already kept is older brother, Cocoa Puff, who we recently rehomed.  


Sonic and Sahara were born April 23, 2017. We had picked out two other rabbits, but they ended up dying. The breeder offered us these full blooded Hollands to replace the ones we originally chose and we jumped at the opportunity since we wanted floppy eared buns anyway! They came home with us sometime around June 18, 2017.

Sonic and Sahara

Milkshake was born to Sonic and Sahara February 8, 2018 with her brother Hershey, the black tort to the right. She was named Milkshake because she has one chocolate cheek. 


Blue was born to Sonic and Sahara 10/22/18. We were so excited to get our first "blue" but we did not know until later he was actually a blue tort. We kept him initially because he was blue and we thought he was a girl! 


We rehomed Cocoa to a great family! See their review! 

Cocoa's New Family's Review

Cocoa You Will Be Missed!

But we know you are loved in your new home!

Stormy's personality is super sweet and docile. She used to be super shy but now she is quite social. She and Molly share mom duties with their litters. They both are good foster moms. Ask about our double litter story! 


Ashley is a bit snarky but I think it’s because she’s sexy and she knows it! She enjoys being pet, and doesn't even mind being picked up (for about 30 seconds), but she does not enjoy sitting on my lap and watching TV with me. She starts biting my shirt to let me know I need to put her back in her space. She is so beautiful though, so I let her be who she is. She is sweet as long as I am not doing something she doesn't like. Ashley was born to Stormy and Blue November 3, 2019. 


Luna and Aspen are our Blue-eyed whites (BEWs). They were born April 10, 2019. We brought them to the rabbitry on two different days. We originally got Aspen, believing he was a girl. When we realized he was not, I was going to return him. The owner agreed to take him back and refund me. My husband decided he wanted to keep him due to his outstanding personality. I'm glad we did. A while later, the owner said she was downsizing and offered us his sister, Luna, so we took her in as well.



Unfortunately, Luna is no longer with us. See her tribute page. 

Luna's Tribute Page

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