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Supplies can be found at, or Tractor Supply cheaper than pet stores. Lowe's and Home Depot have the cardboard tunnels. 

Price check before you buy to save money!

Young and Adult Pellets

Young rabbit food has more calcium and protein. If you're feeding young rabbit food, give less alfalfa hay as it is redundant to give both. Mine love alfalfa hay so I give more adult pellets so they can enjoy alfalfa more often. Give unlimited alfalfa hay and adult rabbit food to rabbits 7 months and younger, or unlimited other hay mixtures with young rabbit food to avoid excess calcium build up. Excess calcium build up can cause bladder sludge or kidney stones. 

Oxbow Essentials Young Rabbit Food

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Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Food 

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A Variety of Hay is Best Every day! 

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Why Hay is important Article

Why Hay is important Article

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Oat Hay

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Botanical Hay

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Western Timothy/Orchard Blend

Alfalfa for young rabbits (7 months and younger), really old and underweight rabbits.

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Alfalfa Hay

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Alfalfa Hay

I have struggled to get some of my buns to eat enough hay. I noticed they were only eating oat hay when I provided Timothy/orchard blend and botanical also. Well, with 12 rabbits at $4.17 a bag, this can add up pretty quickly. I had heard about Small Pet Select animal supplies. I ordered a 10lb. box of oat hay for my buddies to try. This ended up being cheaper at $3.50 a pound, PLUS they offer rewards AND a military discount. If you have a hay-hungry rabbit or more than one, buying bulk can save you money. Most of them went crazy over it, especially Milkshake, who only eats alfalfa (because she’s either always pregnant, breast feeding or recovering) and some oat hay. She is super picky. Her babies also were being picky until I put this hay in front of them. It is much greener than what I was buying, so I guess they liked fresher better. 

Small Pet Select Hay

Sampler Box of Hay

Activity Logs for all day entertainment and chewing. Put hay inside also!

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Activity Log

Hay Bungalows are great to put hay inside of so when your bun grazes he can feel safe! They can hide and sleep in it, as well as chew on it!

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Hay Bungalow

Straw mats are great for chewing and relaxing.

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Straw Mats

A Chicken Waterer holds a half-gallon, lasts longer, and is easier to drink from than a water bottle!

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Chicken Waterer

Your hutch choice will depend on if it's going outside or inside, how much room you have for one, and how many rabbits you have. This is just one choice--Amazon and Chewy have lots to choose from. Outdoor ones need to be sturdy in the weather and safe from predators. 

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An x-pen (exercise pen) can be the best thing you can have. It helps keep your bunny contained to one space as it learns to potty. It can divide a room, keep other pets out and the bunny in. It is 16 square feet of space which is sufficient for living (12 sq. ft.), but not exercising (32 sq. ft.).

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Ideal Living Space Chart

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Exercise Pen

Bunnies love to hide and a tunnel is very natural to them! This is a great way to provide a safety net.

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After we discovered equine pine, we've never used anything else. It lasts a long time because you only need a very light layer on the bottom of your grated potty tray. The pine does not negatively affect the rabbit because it is kiln dried, which removes pine toxins. Plus, it's super cheap!

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Equine Pine Pellets

Critical Care is important to have on hand just in case your bunny isn't feeling well and stops eating. See the article about GI Stasis and talk to your vet immediately if your bunny stops being himself.

Critical Care on Amazon

I used to freak out when I saw worms in my bunnies' poo. Now I realize worms can come from anywhere-water that could have been sitting too long outside where mosquitos or other bugs may have lain their eggs, from veggies where creatures burrow to lay eggs, and  fresh plants and roots you may have pulled up from the yard. Five drops of this 3x a day does the trick. You can see the results after just a few days but it says to use it for two weeks. 

Dewormer on

These are just basic necessities and what I use or have been recommended. You will be able to tailor your own care for your rabbit through your own research. :)