Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC

Fayetteville Rabbitry

Registered ARBA Member #GOODRO03

Registered ARBA Rabbitry #D8944

Founded January 2018

Call to schedule a pick up appointment on weekends and Mondays.




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Basic Feeding and Care

  • Provide unlimited Timothy hay always but do not give alfalfa.
  • For BABIES: We feed Oxbow Essentials Adult food 1/2 cup at night. Decrease pellets if bun is not eating enough hay. Decrease pellets to 1/3 in one month and then 1/4 at 6 months.
  • For ADULTS: Oxbow Essentials Adult food 1/4-1/2 cups at night depending on their size. Ensure they are eating enough hay or decrease pellets. 
  • For BABIES: We provide 1/2 cup of veggies in the morning. Increase to 1 cup in 1-2 months. Decrease veggies and pellets with excessive cecotropes. They are supposed to eat these and you shouldn’t see them. (Dark, stinky grape cluster poops).
  • For ADULTS: Provide 1-1 1/3 cup of veggies in the morning.  
  • See Veggie Page for menu options.
  • I am available to you for the lifetime of your rabbit for any questions you may have. I understand there is lots of conflicting info so it can be confusing at times. I can tell you what has worked best for us. 
  • If you have never had a rabbit, please see my Rabbication page. 
  • See Raising our Buns for more information.


Raising Our Buns

What you get

  • You get a gallon bag of hay, a willow ball, and transition food. 
  • Please request the pedigree if and how you want it. I can message/text a digital (preferable) or print a copy. 

Transitioning Food

  • Slowly transition from our food to yours by ​putting a tablespoon of your food with mine the night you feed him when he gets home. ​The next day add 2 tablespoons of your food to mine. The third day add 3 tablespoons of your food to mine and so on and so forth until my food is gone. Slow transition helps their stomachs become acclimated to new food. They can have sensitive stomachs. If you see uneaten cecotropes, cut back pellets and give only hay until this subsides. 

Please bring a cat carrier to transport your rabbit home.