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The Veggie Page!

It’s really hard saying no to us.

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Twix and Patches enjoying a tomato

So, by all means, you do not have to follow this schedule. This is only to help give you ideas as to what you can safely feed your rabbit while offering it a variety of things. 

I designed this page because lots of people have no idea what they can and can't give their rabbit. I understand the research out there can be overwhelming, so I try to make it easy for you. Some people are not creative when it comes to even their own meal planning, let alone their rabbit's!   

So the typical "rule" is to give 3 types of greens and 2 types of "other" veggies or fruit. Try to only give 1 fruit/berry each day with one other veggie. Do not give Iceberg lettuce because it is too watery. Also, give only 1 cup of veggies per every 3 pound of rabbit. So if your rabbit is 3 pounds, you will give it 1 cup. If it is 2 pounds, you will give 2/3 cup. 

Your baby will start out eating 1/2 cup if exposed to veggies. Most of ours are unless they can’t get out of the doggie door to eat with their moms- 

(This would be Stormy’s, Molly’s, Ashley’s or Bella’s litters). 

My menu is based on some general knowledge such as: 

kale, parsely, and spinach once a week due to being high in oxalate acid. Collard greens only once or twice a week due to being high in calcium. Carrots, apples, and grapes are LOADED with sugar, so limit those types of treats to 1 or 2 times a week, or give small amounts. They should have no more than 2 tablespoons of sweet treats every day, so spread it out if bonding. I believe natural is best so I do not buy treats in the store for rabbits unless it is a fruit or vegetable. 

I promise they will still love you.  

Please also note that this menu is based on me feeding 18 rabbits. If you only have ONE (or two), like most (normal) people (LOL) your menu may not be but half or a quarter of something like this. For example, you may buy a batch of kale or collards versus buying a bag if it is a smaller amount. Also, it won’t kill them to have an extra pinch of kale a 3rd time in a week if you need to get rid of it before it rots. Just try to mix it up for them as best as you can. They enjoy a variety just like we do. Your diet will even improve with more veggies in the fridge! 

Fiber keeps us all healthy!  

Day 1

3 Greens: 

1/3 c. mustard greens

1/3 c. collard greens

 1/3 c. Cilantro

1 Sweet:

1 baby carrot

1 Other:

1 gourmet tomato 

Day 2

3 Greens:

1/3 c. Red Leaf

1/3 c. Green Leaf

1/3 c. Kale

1 Sweet:

1 Banana Slice 

1 Other:

1 Gourmet Tomato

Day 3

3 Greens:

1/3 c. Cilantro

1/3 c. Collard Greens

 1/3 c. Romaine Lettuce

1 Sweet:

1 Red Grape 

Day 4

Extra Greens:

1 Romaine Lettuce Leaf (Optional)

Spring Mix to fill the rest of the cup

1 Sweet:

1/32 apple slice

1 Other:

1/2 Sweet Pepper


Day 5

3 Greens:

1/2 or 1 Bok Choy stalk 

1 Sprig of Broccoli 

 1 Red Leaf lettuce 

1 Sweet:

2 or 3 Blueberries (sliced in half)

1 Other:

1 Slice of green pepper

(1” Celery chunk Optional) 


You can also buy baby bok choy and give them the entire head. They can eat the entire stalk of one leaf of bok choy. Celery is optional here if you want to give a 3rd treat. 

Mix it up for yourself as well and decide to make a delicious Asian stir fry with what’s left!

Day 6 

3 Greens:

Spring Mix

(Kale and Romaine optional) 

1 Sweet:

1/4-1/2 Red or Orange Sweet Pepper 

1 Other:

Orange or red Gourmet Tomato


Day 7

Be creative! Mix it up and give what’s left! (Still limit sweets/fruit/carrots.)

Or take a day off and let them eat the hay they didn’t like this week! ;)


Click button below to see an extensive list of rabbit-safe foods. 

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