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Founded January 2018

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Aspen being his cute adorable self!


Aspen was a huge joy to have here at Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC. He was born April 10, 2019. We brought him home the beginning of June 2019. He is such a big sweetheart. He has moved on as of September 21, 2121 to help further New Life Rabbitry in South Carolina. He fathered many adorable babies and will continue to do so.  

Aspen is the founder of our Blue Eyed White program. He is the father of Twinkle, our current herd BEW. Twinkle has fathered Angelo, so Angelo is Generation III of our BEW program. We look forward to hearing about new babies from our other rabbitry friends.  



Ashely is a great mom, easy to handle and sweet until you invade her space. Then she chews on your shoes to let you know she's allowing you to be there. Ashley has gone on to help further Hippity Hop Parties and more rabbitry along with Aspen. She will at least have a familiar buck with her. 

Ashley is second generation to my blue program. Her mother is Stormy and her daughter is Bella. She currently has a blue grandson at our rabbitry, Gage. Gage's sire is King Tut (Red) out of Laplops. Ashely will be missed. Her sweet nature was always appreciated. She was really helpful when we had babies that would not nurse. We could just flip her over and she gave us no problems. 


LYRICA (Broken Sable Magpie)

I got Lyrica from Cranberry Trail as a trade. Lisa wanted an orange/red rabbit and I had one from a breeding I did with Pam Bailey when she had King Tut, a big gorgeous red out of LapLops esablished red/orange program. Lisa sent me Lyrica on a transport all the way from Indiana. I was so stoked to get her. I was honored to have something in my barn from CT. It was a very sad day when she was supposed to deliver my Grand Champion Reyn’s babies. She never delivered. 

She had been acting very tired and was not eating much a few days before her delivery date. I suspected it was just labor pains and that she would be fine once she delivered. Well, the lesson here is don’t ignore your rabbit if they are acting any different, even if they are in labor pains or about to deliver. Rabbits can stop eating under stress and it is very important to always make sure they are eating and acting normally. My husband told me she did not make it when I was on my way home from a rabbit show in South Carolina. I told him not to bury her so I could say goodbye. She was so so sweet and special. She will definitely be missed. 


TRINITY (Black Orange Tricolor VC)

Trinity was super sweet. I called her Trin-Trin. She loved her pets at feeding time. She was a good girl and always ate her hay. She would do the craziest thing and jump up on top of her hutch when she was nesting. I held her for about 2 minutes each night when she was a baby to get her used to being held. Eventually I could hold her for long periods of time. 

It paid off because I could always carry her anywhere whenever I needed to. She died an unfortunate death from coccidiosis and pneumonia and I was very heart broken. She left behind two five-week olds who survived.  



Stormy was so sweet, has always been and still is! She is enjoying her new home and retirement. She always enjoyed being outside and never wanted to come in when the sun went down. I would have to go outside and give a little push for her to come in at dinner time. She always took mess from Molly and never seemed to mind being the submissive one. She had many beautiful babies and started my blue program. I kept her first blue daughter Ashley, her blue granddaughter Bella, and her blue great granddaughter Madeline. Bella and Madeline stayed for a long time. Bella had one more litter from which I kept Talia. Madeline went to a new home with Haagen Dazs. Gage and his half sister Talia are who currently remain of the blue program. 



Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC’s Emma

Sire: Patches (Blk Harlequin VC) out of GFHNC 

Dam: Crème Brûlée (Black Harlequin VM) out of  Bailey’s Bunnies

Orange (Possible VC) 

Born May 13, 2021

Super sweet Emma is daughter of Patches out of us and Creme Brûlée out of Bailey’s Bunnies. Her siblings were a BEW and three harlequins. I always loved oranges because I had an orange rabbit when I was a little girl. She tugged at a special place in my heart. I kept her and another orange rabbit due to not being able to sell them. Eventually the other orange sold and I decided to keep Emma. I took her to a show and she was 4th place. I was really hoping to get some babies from her since she is so beautiful. Unfortunately after four attempts to breed her, she never was able to reproduce. She has gone on to live with and be princess “Padme” to a sweet young engaged couple. She allowed them to cut her nails before she left our rabbitry. She was such a good girl and a great rabbit. I know she will be very loved and cared for in her new furever home. 


Twinkle was super sweet, spunky and energetic. He was a lot like his father, Aspen. He would buzz when you pet him. He loved attention and would chase you around the house. He fathered a beautiful litter with Melody first. Then he had a litter with Milkshake, and we kept his BEW son Pistachio. Pistachio fathered Brandy, who will most likely be a show winner. Twinkle went home with a loving family with a little baby girl who will adore him. 


Moja came to us as a trade for a buck. Her name means “one” as she was an only lonely in her birth. She is super sweet and full of personality. She LOVES attention and is always requesting it. When I come into the barn to feed everybunny, she stands up and grips the door as she balances on her back hind legs. She’s so cute! She has found a way to weasel herself in a place in my heart. She won’t be far away from us. She is going to another rabbitry. She will be loved and well cared for, a pet and a breeder. She will have a young boy to care for and love her. I had not planned to sell her as I wanted to breed her at least once first. I posted a video of her next to a picture of the platypus from Dumbledore. I thought she was his perfect doppelgänger. A friend of mine saw my post and wanted her. I could not resist giving her to this wonderful person. It’s always nice when you know the new owner! (I babysat her giant rabbit before!) I know Moja will be loved long and well. Moja will bless that home, family, and rabbitry for years to come. In the back of my mind I had been debating who is next to leave. I have already moved several rabbits in the last few months. Covid caused things to slow down drastically so I have does waiting in line to be bred but I have to make them wait as I no longer am meeting a great demand and selling fast. I had planned to breed her at the end of May even though she was ready in April. Now I don’t have to make some of them wait longer. Even though I wanted to keep her sweetness around a little longer, I’m very happy she is going to a loving home. Now I have one more space for a show grow out! We’ve shifted from just selling pets to now having a goal of also making show quality babies! I’m a harlequin hoarder so I can let one go! :D   


February 8, 2018-June 18, 2022

MILKSHAKE (Broken Black Tort VC)


GFHNC'S (Our own) Milkshake

Sire: Sonic (Orange VC) out of Nevaeh

Dam: Sahara (Broken Tort) out of Nevaeh

Broken Tort VC

Born February 8, 2018

There are no words to describe this feeling of emptiness and sadness. Milkshake passed way too soon from birthing complications. Milkshake came from our very second litter. Her parents were Sonic, orange, and Sahara, broken tort out of Nevaeh. She had two orange, a tort, a broken orange as siblings.  She also had two other broken tort sisters and we kept her because she had one dark cheek, which is why I named her Milkshake. She has given us many beautiful babies. She had 4 litters in 2019; 5 litters in 2020, 3 litters in 2021, and 1 litter in 2022. Everyone always wanted her babies because they were the cutest! We only started to keep her babies when Sundance was born in January 2021. Twinkle was in this litter too, but we did not keep him. He ended up being a boomerang bunny and returning to us when the owners could no longer care for him. If not for that, we would not have Brandy! (More on this later). Next, we kept Häagen-Dazs and his sister Sundae in 2021. We started to finally keep babies because we started going to shows and learning about the Holland Lop Standard of Perfection (SOP). We learned that Milkshake’s babies actually could be show babies. We did end up taking those two babies to the show. Sundae won 2 legs. Her brother got 2nd place and BOV. Sundae is still here to carry on her mother’s legacy, along with her half sisters Sundance, and Brandy. Brandy was actually an accident. Brandy is a result of being triple line bred. Aspen (BEW) and Milkshake had Twinkle (BEW). Twinkle and Milkshake had Pistachio (BEW). Pistachio and Milkshake had Brandy. Brandy was an accident because we thought Pistachio was a girl, and at the time, was living with his mother and sister Sundae. Well, after a few months we realized Pistachio is in fact a boy! A month later Brandy happened. And thank God, because I would have only had Sundae, Sundance, and Pistachio to carry on the legacy. Side note: Brandy has also won 1 leg at the show! 

Actually, the legacy will carry on quite nicely with rabbits we kept…

Milkshake preceded her nephew Tim (Tort) from brother Blue and niece Phoenix; half nephew Tristain (Tricolor) from half sister Trinity and Aspen; granddaughter Lily (BEW) from daughter Sundance and Aspen; grandson Nougat (chocolate magpie) from daughter Sundance and Patches; grandson Moonlight (booted black) from daughter Sundae and great great nephew Gage (Blue); great great nephews Gage and Sunny from great niece Bella and King Tut; great niece VinChinza (broken chinchilla) from niece Phoenix and Riley; great great nephew Kahlúa (broken chocolate) from great niece VinChinza and Reyn; and Talia (blue) from great niece Bella and nephew Tim. These are all predecessors at the rabbitry as of June 2022. 


October 22, 2018-October 5, 2022

My husband found Blue this morning by the fence. This was a strange death and we cannot explain what happened because the camera on Blue had gone out and we never fixed it. This is very sad. I had bred Blue a couple of times since Bella bit him and we were never able to get any offspring from him since then. I was determined to keep trying though, and wanted to breed him once it got cool; just had no idea who it would be with since I planned my breedings the rest of the year. The last offspring I had from him was Tim the tort and we sold him not too long ago. However I have Tim’s blue daughter Talia. She will carry on Blue’s legacy here. I also have Maddie who came back to us who is Blue’s great granddaughter. I also have his sister Milkshake’s offspring that we kept and some of their offspring. Sonic and Sahara, our original rabbits, were Blue and Milkshake’s parents. Their legacy will go on here.

Blue preceded his son Tim (Tort) with niece Phoenix and brother Hershey; half nephew Tristain (Tricolor) from half sister Trinity and Aspen; grandniece Lily (BEW) from niece Sundance and Aspen; grandnephew Nougat (chocolate magpie) from niece Sundance and Patches; grandnephew Moonlight (booted black) from niece Sundae and great grandson Gage (Blue); great grandson Gage and Sunny from granddaughter Bella and King Tut; great niece VinChinza (broken chinchilla) from niece Phoenix and Riley; great great niece Kahlúa (broken chocolate) from great niece VinChinza and Reyn; and great granddaughter Talia (blue) from granddaughter Bella and son Tim. These are all predecessors at the rabbitry as of October 2022. 


February 1, 2022-January 14, 2023

Brandy would have been a year old in two weeks. She was the calmest, mildest, super sweetest, and gave kisses. She was 4th generation line bred from Milkshake. Aspen (BEW) and Milkshake made Twinkle (BEW). Twinkle and Milkshake made Pistachio (BEW). Pistachio and Milkshake made Brandy. Brandy had trouble birthing her first litter with Popsicle Love, my show tort, and her son Ben was the lone survivor. I was attempting to breed Brandy back to her sire, Pistachio. I allowed them to stay together in his spacious area. I had just seen them eating together a few days ago. We found her tonight unalive. I am in disbelief. I had very high hopes for the BEW program to continue with her. She was able to receive one leg. That was lucky! Two judges loved her but disqualified her for her white toenails, but the third judge did not notice them. I was so happy that day because I knew she was a winner! The BEW program will have to continue with a different Vienna carrier. I still have Pistachio, Sundae and Häagen-Dazs, Milkshake’s other offspring, as well as Sundance who makes pets! Rest In Peace, Brandy. I will miss your soft squishy face, your loving kisses and sweet heart temperament. I look forward to having one of your grandkits from Ben. <3 <3 <3